Hi, my name is Todd Santora. I am the owner and founder of Sparkle Carpet Cleaning.
Cleaning carpet correctly is not just putting soap down, scrubbing and vacuuming it up.
Your carpet first must be tested to know its make up. Once this is determined, you can then use the proper cleaner for that particular fiber type: Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, Wool etc etc.
Using the correct cleaner for that particular fiber makes all the difference.
Next is the correct tools to do the job. If your carpet is taking days to dry after cleaning, alot of dirty water was left in the carpet.
Strong suction, proper agitation and heat are keys to a clean carpet that will be dry in a few hours at the most.
The carpet to the right was not cleaned in almost 25 years. You can see where we stopped cleaning. The owner could not believe the color change! She was so excited!
We specialize in pet odors and urine removal as well. We break it down and remove the urine. The odor molecules are split, so human as well as animals can no longer smell the odors.
We use the top of the line cleaners and equipment to offer you THE CLEANEST results in the industry. Call, message or email me today for a free estimate.

Thank you
Todd Santora